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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My son finishes playgroup

Yesterday was my son Ryan's graduation from nursery school.  Family from Andrew's side and my own came to see the ceremony held at Newtownabbey Methodist Mission church.     Ryan looked so cute in his robe and hat, and he did great walking up to the podium and collecting his certificate!!
Along with the joy of the day, came the sadness and realisation that my baby is no longer a 'baby'....
I am so proud of him!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Joy Luck Club......best film ever.

I have been feeling rather tired as of late and wondering whether it is the warm weather that is making me feel this way.  Andrew suggested that I make an appointment to see the doctor.  I don't feel however , in this moment in time that it is necessary.    I know there is a condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  - I hope I haven't got that...

My favourite movie of all time is The Joy Luck Club - it is a film based on the experiences of four Chinese mothers who fled China in the 1940's  and their very Americanized daughters.  I first watched it way back in 1994 and it moved me to tears every time I used to watch it.  It is a story of tragedy, personal sacrifice, bravery and strength.  The film is based on a novel by author Amy Tan which became a phenomenal success worldwide..   Amy herself as a child was not happy with her outward Chinese appearance as she was growing up.....and felt she did not fit in as far as American society was concerned.              Anyone who is interested in Chinese culture should definitely watch this film! (See bottom of page for trailer.)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Some recent family photos....

Lisa, Diana & I

Ryan & mummy

Lisa, Ryan & I

Ryan with Auntie Yvonne

Ryan with Lisa

Friday, 4 June 2010

Night Out....

My close cousin Lisa is over here for a 10 day visit from Manchester and I have got the honour of being hostess.  
Last night we all went out for a drink - Lisa, my cousin John, his mate Robert & I...   the place we went to was quite a posh bar/restaurant/hotel that serves good food, etc. and was in a handy location...    I didn't want to visit hangover city, and I actually didn't,  but just trying to overcome this feeling of being dehydrated.   Oh how I detest that feeling.
Robert works as a sushi chef in Belfast & he's the spitting image of Sylvester Stallone except he has a pony tail.   John my cousin hadn't changed, still his fun old self!  We talked about tattoos, football, music, smoking .....you name it.     Quite an enlightening night out....                                       

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Back to the 80's!!

Anybody remember this?    The Rubik's Cube was THE toy of the 80's.
How many of us also remember Lolo balls, Cabbage patch kids & Care Bears too?
I grew up playing with these toys......

Ryan sings......