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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dublin here we come..

Yesterday, my family and I went down to Dublin for the day (a total of 102 miles driving each way).
I always wanted to go back to Henry St.. We  had expected the old Chinese tea room to be there but sadly it was gone......There is also a good shopping centre there with a huge variety of shops. My favourite is the Pagoda gift store that sells all sorts of unique eastern products - two blocks away is a fast food shop, selling burgers and hot food in vending machines.    Then, there is the colourful outdoor fruit stalls lining the street off the shopping centre - I love walking through it.
My boyfriend and I had previously visited Dublin three times, I proposed to him the 2nd visit (Valentine's Day) while we stayed at the North Star City near the train station. 

We passed this viaduct on the way to Dublin.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Leona Lewis, Belfast , 1 July 2010 (Labyrinth Tour)

My other half and I went to see Leona Lewis in concert last night.   She was AMAZING!!!    To be honest, I always preferred Snow Patrol's version of 'Run' instead of Leona's but after seeing her perform last night, I can only say she was stunning!

Leona is a pop and R & B singer, she became famous in 2006 after winning the X Factor (British Singing talent TV show).



Ryan sings......