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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Well done on my Latin!!

My Latin is going so well that I must give it a mention before I write anything else.
I received 92% in the first assignment and 95% in the 2nd. The third I am about to do next week.
I attended the tutorial last week in Belfast and I felt happy that the tutor was so helpful.    There were only 2 of us that attended.  Myself, and a girl that travelled up to Belfast by train from Kildare.  Now that is dedication.  I admire people like that I truly do.    At the minute I am tackling the future deponents (grammar) and just hoping my brain will retain it all and let me reproduce it on the day of the exam....I hope so. Exam nerves have been known to get the better of me but I will make pretty sure that I get a decent grade...so it's revision, revision, revision all next week!
My daffodils and crocuses have appeared in my garden and they are lovely.  I LOVE fresh flowers - nothing like a good colourful bunch to brighten up your day!!


Maria said...

Hi Jennifer,

I really like your blog and your travel photography. You and I have three things in common:

1. We are both Chinese and also from Hakka descent but I speak Cantonese.

2. We both love the older TVB Chinese dramas.

3. We both love travelling and I have been to most of the places on your blog.

Jenny said...

Thank you Maria for your interesting comments and nice to meet someone that has the same interests as myself. I grew up watching HK serials, in fact, and some of my favourites I would never tire of watching over and over again...what are your personal faves? Mine are personally Vengeance (with Irene Wan), Songbird (Nadia Chan), 'Mong Jung Yan'(Chow Yun Fat) to name a few.

Ryan sings......