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Friday, 25 October 2013

Life changes.....

This may come as a shock for all, it is no longer a shock for me...

On July 29th 2013, a date which I will never forget, I was diagnosed with stage 2b lung cancer.
After going through so many tests and appointments, I finally found out the results - having been kept waiting for the biopsy results for almost 10 days. My memories of 29th July were of my mother and I in the  consultant's room, sitting listening as he told us the bad news. My mother's eyes were all red from crying days before. I was told I have ''cancer''...I didnt want to believe it myself...so much so I asked him could I have a second opinion. He said I couldn't...the next few days were a daze ...overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, some days I would cry for no reason, I was  so scared. I could have only a year left in my life to live.
I was put straight into chemotherapy on 8th August, within a fortnight of being diagnosed.  I can't tell you how awful that was -  definitely the hardest part!   I had all the worst possible side effects. Couldn't eat for days due to multiple mouth ulcers forming in my mouth, lost 2 stone, felt extremely tired...and severely constipated.  The 2nd chemo - 3 weeks later -  wasn't so bad....and the 3rd one made me feel more nauseous than the 1st two!

My family & friends have been so supportive of me......I have recently went for a CT scan and it was revealed that the tumour had shrunk...I really hope that I will continue to improve...

I have come out of the chemo stronger than before, lost all my hair...and I will have to have a pneumonectomy next month. So I've to go for preassessment tests on Tuesday coming. May God be with me and keep me strong for this , please?

Monday, 22 July 2013

My health is most important!

Apologies for being so quiet lately - I can explain...basically I have been undergoing many tests. In March the doctor at my hospital where I was treated for pneumonia last year told me he'd found a lump in my left lung. I have had a CT scan, a broncoscopy, a PET scan and currently waiting on the results for a biopsy! I can't even begin to describe the myriad of emotions I have been feeling lately!!! From scaring myself by reading books on cancer to imagining a possible death sentence! What is happening with me? I used to be a very positive person.  I've cleaned up my diet....I have a feeling my results will be due tomorrow or Wednesday..
I am worried to say the least. Really finding it hard - had to decline overtime at work , fortunately they all understand...
I have got to the stage where I have just placed all those sad thoughts to the back of my mind and take a proactive approach by eating much more healthily which I discovered is known to be a big help if GOD FORBID, I did have that C word disease!
I still wheeze every now and then...I'd just put that down to the pneumonia I had last year!
Pray that I will be ok ( my sister reassured me so, dear love her)!!
 We had a magnificent time in Krakow, Poland. We were there for a week, first week of July there.
What surprised me was the cheapness of the food, and everything else!!
Watch this space for photos etc...

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Study , study , study!!!

Since the end of January I have been doing a new course with the Open University. It is a level 3 course , which means it's the equivalent of a year 3 course at traditional uni.    So far - I am 'taking in ' the contents of the course without much difficulty..however I will have a end of course project to prepare for , something which I don't feel entirely confident about! But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

My old high school (Class of 1992) has a reunion coming up!!    Not sure if I will be persuaded to go - I have my reasons!  Even though the day I left school was the saddest of my life at that time.  To be honest I was painfully shy back then ...and in a way I am still very reserved....I just don't really feel 100% comfortable about opening that particular can of worms of my past!

My work is so so.  Could be better.   Much better.

This time next week I will be at the Stereophonics concert.  My sister Yvonne is coming with me.....I managed to get that day off work so I wont need to rush about the place getting ready...they are a Welsh band. 

Ryan sings......