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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

5 reasons why we should be more compassionate as a race....

  • Ever hear of the phrase 'Today, give a stranger one of your smiles, it might be the only sunshine he sees all day long'?   - Well, I believe in it strongly.  I truly do.    I know what some of you are thinking, perhaps you have some grievances of your own....the last thing you wanna do is smile at a stranger - but, compassion and love are qualities that need to be cultivated in one's life in order to achieve inner peace.
  • Being kind and considerate doesn't cost a penny (or cent).
  • Thoughts are like a magnet - this theory in the 'self help psychology' department has become an important point.  When I was a lot younger the American authoress Louise Hay (of the famous book 'You can heal your life') influenced my life and saved me from the darkest depths of depression...her theory is simple, if you think happy thoughts, you have more chance of being happy, if you think dishonest thoughts, then you will not acheive real honesty in life and so on.  So, in a nutshell your thoughts will come back to you like a boomerang!
  • We are all equal...yet different. We are all like counterparts of huge gigantic kaleidoscope.  So, everybody has their own unique qualities.  (Lousie Hay's books radiate love and I highly recommend her works to anybody who is in need of  any form of 'healing').  What I'm saying is...do we really gain anything by judging people?
  • I dislike violence/crime/war of any sort.    I grew up seeing my parents go through an unhappy marriage and often domestic violence was a problem.  And, it disturbs me greatly to see such suffering in the world. Why can't we all get along?  World peace can become reality if we believe in it enough, in fact anything is possible!..Therefore becoming more compassionate should be compulsory for everybody.
What do you think of these ideas?

My living space....

The entrance hall (I think the scroll means something like 'thousands & thousands of good fortune wishes'or something like that,if anybody knows the exact translation, I'd love to know!)                 


Monday, 18 October 2010

Sunset near my home

We went for a walk down by Belfast Lough last night; as you can see the sunset is lovely.
It was quite a pleasant night; Ryan enjoyed the kid's park.

I love to take pictures, it's like an addiction for me.
I don't often feel the urge to be snap happy, but when I do, it's a perfect way of expressing myself.

Saturday tutorial & Christmas memories....

I will be attending the Latin day school (for my OU course) for two hours on Saturday and am actually glad to say...I am rather looking forward to it.    However I just don't hope it's just myself who's going as I have been following the Latin Forum online and it seems I am the only one who is doing it in N.Ireland (well, who has posted on the forum anyway)

*                     *                       *                      *                         
I bought a Christmas tree at the weekend.
I LOVE Christmas....that magical time of the year - can't wait 'til it comes, Andrew says I'm a kid and I don't deny that I'm a big kid at heart.   And, why not?

Friday, 8 October 2010

My lunch today......

 Well, an example of this anyway. 

I treated myself to mouthwatering siu mai dumplings (very popular and generally made from shrimps, mushrooms and pork), scrumptious lo mai gai (click here for info), squid with garlic sauce and more!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Believe in yourself!

“Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, & always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high. Keep your chin up, & most importantly, keep smiling. Because life’s a beautiful thing & there’s so much more to smile about.”

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A new month, a fresh start!

My Open University course in Latin I must say is pretty challenging....I have mastered the 1st and 2nd Declension nouns (grammar) and now tackling the 3rd.   The course started on the 2nd October and it gives you two weeks to do the first section , all of which I have completed four days ago. Speedy Gonzalez?  Yep, that's me. (But, I know I gotta be careful I am not doing too much too soon, yet my only worry is not being able to memorise all the essential vocabulary on time). Being able to pace myself and learning by the method 'little and often' is the key to success.

My youngest sister has been going out steadily with a guy for about six months now;  I have never seen her so happy.  It must be love.     He is in fact an expert in archery and is currently taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.    I must say the opening ceremony of the 2010 Games looked spectacular from what I saw of it on the news.  I think he is very lucky because he returns next Tuesday and plans to visit the Taj Mahal before departure from India - I'm envious!  

Agenda for this Friday : Chinese dim sum lunch with my sis - really should be getting my hair cut this week, but it can wait a while.    My sister dyed her hair black for a change from blonde, I jokingly told her she looks like a 'goth'.

I accompanied my sister Diana on her shopping trip to get her son, wee Peter's birthday presents today , he will be 8 in two days time. I bumped into an old friend of my dad's - she's called 'Ah Len' and is from the same village as my parents came from (in Hong Kong - Hakka speaking)  and I had a good lengthy chat with her and she revealed a few interesting facts to me. She remembered when my dad was healthy many years ago, he used to bring me to visit his friends' in the many businesses that existed in N.Ireland. She told me my dad adored and doted on me.   It was touching to know that, especially as now my dad can't speak or express himself.     Meeting her was like 'going back to my roots', I still had the linguistic ability in me.   (Just like you never forget learning to ride a bicycle!)              
Anyway, sorry for going off topic there.  At such a young age, my nephew already has a Nintendo DS, a PsP (thingy) and was asking for an X Box recently. We were never as privileged when we were younger.    I suppose the mass bombardment of constant televised advertisements doesn't help towards minimising a culture of 'see it, want it, have it'. I personally am guilty of this habit. Most recently, my shopping habits need to be curtailed.   My main weakness is clothes!!   Especially lace & black tops.   ( I hope I'M not turning into a goth!!!)       Continuing on the subject of tv adverts, my son always says to me during the ad break between Fireman Sam episodes, 'mummy can I have that? And, this ?'....it can't be good and I guess it encourages greed, not charity.

Ryan sings......