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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hi, anybody still here?

I know it's unforgiveable to have kept you all waiting - so sorry that I haven't blogged on this for a while.

My life just seems to get busier & busier.

Well, my son started P.2 end of August there after a long 8 weeks break in the summer. During that time we visited Alicante (Spain) and Liverpool/Manchester.    The Alicante trip was our 'proper' holiday this summer......I have good memories of it - I would go back , if only to see the look on Ryan's face when he accidentally put his hand on one of those statue street artists which started moving!!!! What a hilarious moment that was - wish I could've caught it on camera...Ryan leaped about 30 feet!

Summer is over & so is the autumn season (almost), it felt quite cold tonight and the gritters were out on the roads , the first time I noticed it!!       Everyone's planning for Christmas, now I have to say it IS going a bit far for those that have already got their decorations up including tree etc.!?!    I am well organised every festive season but wouldn't put my tree up yet.

Ryans is learning in leaps & bounds, I'm amazed he can read so many words, I'm impressed by how smart my little baby is!  He does art club (afterschool club) - he naturally loves to draw. Maybe if I nurture it, he will flourish...I was never really any good at the art. Couldn't paint to save my life...I feel embarrassed everytime I think of my failed venture of joining an art class & being about the only one there that couldn't master painting the colour chart in watercolours - my work atually resembled a 3 year old's painting!!

I LOVE music - going to concerts I mean.  I was at Britney Spear's one recently , she had come to Belfast. What an amazing comeback.  Ok she might use her body/sex appeal to sell records but who doesn't these days???     She's doing great and I admire her strength after all she's been through - she is human after all.

Our computer crashed this morning so I have lost a whole lot of information on it - thank goodness it wasn't TOO important. Well at least I don't think so.

Wow!! Tomorrow is a big day for the music entertainment industry. The MTV European music awards are to be held in Belfast!! Yay!!   That means an estimated 20,000 extra visitors to the city. It's be interesting to see just what will happen - already stars such as Coldplay & Rihanna have already been spotted outside the Europa Hotel in Gt. Victoria Street. Lucky for those that did the spotting!  I'm too old to be fighting my way to see famous faces.

Been carrot juicing for my health - had been eating too much junk lately too....just hope my arms don't turn a slight shade of orange like they did the last time.  I don't wanna look like the mad person in the 'I've been tangoed' adverts - remember those?

       Ryan's 5th Birthday - Funworks centre , Newtownabbey

         Daisy - our new Syrian hamster!

Albert Dock, Liverpool

                                    Chinese Arch , Liverpool Chinatown

Alicante - Ryan & mummy having refreshments at the top of the castle grounds

SO much fun!!!  Terra Mitica theme park @ Benidorm, Spain.

Tabarca Island - Spain

Alicante castle grounds, Spain.

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