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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Post holiday blues...

It's obvious I need a holiday when I start buying travel guidebooks by the handful.....I went into 'The Works' bookshop today and came out with five books & a Rome dvd at a bargain price. I mean who would pay £17.00 for a book that I paid £1.49 for??      Talking about holidays , we had an amazing time & did lots , went on boat trips , coach trips ...sightseeing , the highlight of the trip had to be .....YES!! I met Kerry Katona!!   On the first day we arrived, we were relaxing by the hotel pool...then I noticed Kerry sitting several sunbeds away. I went to approach her , my partner tried to stop me as he believed she was just her double, I'm so glad he didnt....

Me with Kerry Katona

Ryan & daddy at our hotel pool

Souvenir stalls

On way to Formentor

Magaluf's  famous Western Water Park

Formentor beach

Tip of Formentor

Our hotel pool

Flamenco dancing at our hotel

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