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Monday, 22 July 2013

My health is most important!

Apologies for being so quiet lately - I can explain...basically I have been undergoing many tests. In March the doctor at my hospital where I was treated for pneumonia last year told me he'd found a lump in my left lung. I have had a CT scan, a broncoscopy, a PET scan and currently waiting on the results for a biopsy! I can't even begin to describe the myriad of emotions I have been feeling lately!!! From scaring myself by reading books on cancer to imagining a possible death sentence! What is happening with me? I used to be a very positive person.  I've cleaned up my diet....I have a feeling my results will be due tomorrow or Wednesday..
I am worried to say the least. Really finding it hard - had to decline overtime at work , fortunately they all understand...
I have got to the stage where I have just placed all those sad thoughts to the back of my mind and take a proactive approach by eating much more healthily which I discovered is known to be a big help if GOD FORBID, I did have that C word disease!
I still wheeze every now and then...I'd just put that down to the pneumonia I had last year!
Pray that I will be ok ( my sister reassured me so, dear love her)!!
 We had a magnificent time in Krakow, Poland. We were there for a week, first week of July there.
What surprised me was the cheapness of the food, and everything else!!
Watch this space for photos etc...

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