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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chinese poetry - by Su Wu (2nd Century)


They married us when they put

Up our hair. We were just twenty

And fifteen. And ever since,

Our love has never been troubled.

Tonight we have the old joy

In each other, although our

Happiness will soon be over.

I remember the long march

That lies ahead of me, and

Go out and look up at the stars,

To see how the night has worn on.

Betelgeuse and Antares

Have both gone out. It is time

For me to leave for far off

Battlefields. No way of knowing

If we will ever see each

Other again. We clutch each

Other and sob, our faces

Streaming with tears. Goodbye, dear.

Protect the Spring flowers of

Your beauty. Think of the days

When we were happy together.

If I live I will come back.

If I die, remember me always.

1 comment:

christy b., that's me! said...

What a beautiful poem.
I like it a lot.


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