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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My diet is a success!

You wouldn't believe it in a million years...I started calorie counting over a month ago , keeping a food diary and cutting crisps, chocolate and almost all bread out of my diet and have lost 17lbs so far.
Before I even started I felt low in energy, and motivation....and, now I feel SO much fitter thanks to the 'Nutracheck' online food diary !!  (nutracheck.co.uk)

My only dilemma now is what to do with all my size 16 clothes that are far too baggy for me...I have switched to a 14 wardrobe, so tonight I started to list some clothes on Ebay.   Here is what I put on:

I have only worn these twice and I love them so much - sadly they have to go.
Then there was my lovely check coat that I bought last year which is also TOO big for me now (it even has the tags on still)

The New me (first left)

Here are the steps to my weight loss:
  • Drink lots of water especially whenever you feel hungry( most of the time it is thirst and NOT hunger which needs to be remedied)
  • Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Limit as much as possible the consumption of sweets, biscuits & cakes as these contain empty calories.
  • Do more exercise (the more you do, the more your weight loss is speeded up, especially if you are eating fewer calories than your body needs)
I hope some readers will find these tips helpful - remember , persistence pays off.

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