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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A new month, a fresh start!

My Open University course in Latin I must say is pretty challenging....I have mastered the 1st and 2nd Declension nouns (grammar) and now tackling the 3rd.   The course started on the 2nd October and it gives you two weeks to do the first section , all of which I have completed four days ago. Speedy Gonzalez?  Yep, that's me. (But, I know I gotta be careful I am not doing too much too soon, yet my only worry is not being able to memorise all the essential vocabulary on time). Being able to pace myself and learning by the method 'little and often' is the key to success.

My youngest sister has been going out steadily with a guy for about six months now;  I have never seen her so happy.  It must be love.     He is in fact an expert in archery and is currently taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.    I must say the opening ceremony of the 2010 Games looked spectacular from what I saw of it on the news.  I think he is very lucky because he returns next Tuesday and plans to visit the Taj Mahal before departure from India - I'm envious!  

Agenda for this Friday : Chinese dim sum lunch with my sis - really should be getting my hair cut this week, but it can wait a while.    My sister dyed her hair black for a change from blonde, I jokingly told her she looks like a 'goth'.

I accompanied my sister Diana on her shopping trip to get her son, wee Peter's birthday presents today , he will be 8 in two days time. I bumped into an old friend of my dad's - she's called 'Ah Len' and is from the same village as my parents came from (in Hong Kong - Hakka speaking)  and I had a good lengthy chat with her and she revealed a few interesting facts to me. She remembered when my dad was healthy many years ago, he used to bring me to visit his friends' in the many businesses that existed in N.Ireland. She told me my dad adored and doted on me.   It was touching to know that, especially as now my dad can't speak or express himself.     Meeting her was like 'going back to my roots', I still had the linguistic ability in me.   (Just like you never forget learning to ride a bicycle!)              
Anyway, sorry for going off topic there.  At such a young age, my nephew already has a Nintendo DS, a PsP (thingy) and was asking for an X Box recently. We were never as privileged when we were younger.    I suppose the mass bombardment of constant televised advertisements doesn't help towards minimising a culture of 'see it, want it, have it'. I personally am guilty of this habit. Most recently, my shopping habits need to be curtailed.   My main weakness is clothes!!   Especially lace & black tops.   ( I hope I'M not turning into a goth!!!)       Continuing on the subject of tv adverts, my son always says to me during the ad break between Fireman Sam episodes, 'mummy can I have that? And, this ?'....it can't be good and I guess it encourages greed, not charity.

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