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Monday, 30 April 2012

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

I wonder how many of you always wanted to write a book?    I've always loved to write, whether it was updating my diary when I was in my teens or writing to penpals all over the world.    Blurb.com has brought a whole new dimension of possibilities to my writing.   Since September 2009, I have had four books created with them.  They are a 'self-publishing' online company and the way they work is they provide you with basic templates (for anything from photo books to wedding books, even facebook & blog books!) - you have full control of creative content and they just publish it for you.  

Here are the following great benefits of designing a book with blurb.com:

Cover:     Hardcover , Softcover, Image wrap & tons of cover layout options
Paper:     High quality of FSC-certified papers available in matte, lustre or
               gloss finishes
Printing:   Bookstore-quality four colour printing
End sheets :  Standard and pro line sheets to frame your book beautifully
Creative layouts :   Huge range of creative & customizable layouts
Binding:   Durable, professional binding built to last .

Why not visit www.blurb.com now to make your first book?!   You could even create a personalised book as a gift idea for a friend or loved one. 

Here are some photos of the books I have made:

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