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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

No excuses...

I am sorry for my lengthy absence from updating this blog.  Life took over the last few months - you know how it is. Hope I can be forgiven?

Well, to start I had a nice Christmas and was hoping for a rather lovely New Year's eve, instead on the 27th December my other half took a choking fit from what we thought was a chest infection/asthma attack. It turned out to be pneumonia and my other half had to be hospitalised for 4 days - what a long four days it was, seemed like an eternity... when he got home I had to care for him , all in all he ended up being absent from work for a month and I had to do all the running about, more than usual...but no complaints, I must say I was glad of the company for a while.
THEN, few weeks later he started coughing again one night - was an asthma attack as a result of his weakened lungs - I was so scared - never seen it happen to anyone before, let alone my loved one.  He took two attacks in the space of 6 days , and twice again it happened after that.  Since then, he's had no further attacks.      It just shows you what is really important in life, I was very scared , never felt so petrified in all my life as I could've lost my partner, my soulmate, my lover, my shoulder to lean on...I am so lucky he is ok.

Now to more recent news, I spent the Easter break up in Portrush this year - ie. the north coast.

We'd booked a family room in a B & B before Christmas of last year, and the four of us, well I , drove up two Sundays ago, up the Antrim Coast Road , took roughly 2 hours as we stopped and got out to stretch our legs etc.  On the way we passed Red Bay, Carnlough, Glenariff, Cushendall, Waterfoot, Ballycastle, etc..right all the way up to Portrush!   Our B & B was facing Barry's which is a famous kid's amusement centre.
We enjoyed ourselves, and must say was a little sad at having to leave, the clean sea air did us a world of good and so did the walking.  My own highlight of the trip has got to be the Mussenden Temple, I've always wanted to go there, dreamed of it , then I came across it by accident on this recent trip - I didn't even realise it was that close (it was in Downhill). The views are spectacular from it, and it was built around 1783 or something like that.  

Mussenden Temple

White Rocks

Dunluce Castle

View from Mussenden Temple (left side)

Approaching Mussenden Temple

Near Dunseverick

In Portrush with Andrew, Ryan & Peter

On 14th April 2012 , it was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous Titanic - which was commemorated in Belfast. I'd managed to get tickets to see the Titanic Quarter (experience) on the first day of it's launch. Would highly recommend it as it is a brand new visitor attraction in Belfast, and although the entrance fee was a little pricey I thought it was well worth it.

Entrance of the Titanic Quarter , Belfast
The Titanic Quarter

Replica of the Harland & Wolff crane       

Well, hoped I kept you all entertained for a little while longer, it is fast approaching my bedtime now , so I must shoot, hopefully it won't be too long until my next update!

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