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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The cancer is gone!

I am glad to announce that on 19th December 2013 I was confirmed cancer free by my oncologist.

The best Christmas present EVER!   I really am truly so lucky to be given another chance in life. I survived chemo. I survived a very risky operation to remove my entire left lung (and was on morphine for many days after)!  I thank GOD most of all.   It almost seems surreal this whole experience...I experienced a myriad of emotions throughout my cancer journey.  Finally three weeks ago, I received my first ever haircut since I went bald after getting chemotherapy. Right then I decided I don't need my wig anymore. It feels so good to walk out my front door without worrying about my appearance!

My first 6 month review will be this month. I have been wondering what the tests will be - hopefully there will at least be a CT scan.  A standard X ray would not detect everything.  

Fingers crossed x

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